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I love my brother  
  I have a younger brother, 7 years old, very cute. He read kindergartens in Shanghai, sometimes over 2,3 weeks before I came back. He was a happy person make me happy, round face, large eyes, very cute!  
  Today my brother back, I got the message, ecstatic, but the younger brother to Yuhang they have to for a long time, I had to go tomorrow morning, grandmother and younger brother play. Evening, I think a lot of fun games, so not a good night sleep.  
  Morning when I open my eyes, looked at clock, 8 o'clock, I immediately get up, go out. I went to the grandmother, opened the door, my brother called me a: "brother." I should be uttered. This is the grandmother said: "Today did not go to school ah?" I was talking to her brother, said: "Yes ah." Frozen my brain, I said: "Today is Saturday … …" I'm slow again and again: "I have a hobby classes too!" I immediately put on shoes and ran out. Eventually the school.  
  Noon, after school, and I walked home with the students. Finally to the grandmother, I saw my brother playing with building blocks. I said: "brother, we play computer now!" His brother said: "Good." My brother and I play on the computer in the room, and after a 1 hour, his brother, and I shut the computer, playing the ball, rope skipping , Hide and Seek … … Anyway, word word, what my brother and I would play. Time really fast, eat lunch, and after a very long time, went to the evening, I'm going home, I said: "brother, I'll come back tomorrow." Brother, said: "Goodbye my brother." I thought gratefully, because today I had a good time.  
  The morning sun has dried on my ass on my ass lit up shining, I open my eyes and say hello to the sun, I got dressed, had a face wash. Right again to grandma house.  
  I went to the grandmother, younger brother to see it in the spur of the moment, I went over a bowl, his brother said: "brother, what we play today?" I said: "Do not know, you talk." Brother said: "I want to play a teacher." I said: "When the teacher? how to play this game?" his brother said: "is a person as a teacher, the other person to Listen to the words." I said: "That's who is a teacher ah ? "courageous brother said:" I pictures. "I do not believe the eye with his younger brother looked at, looked at looked, sighed and said:" Thanks to you as my teacher? incredible. "brother said:" The play Play Kan Ma, let me try it, I beg you, brother - "I think, anyway, boring, play a while on it, I promise to down. After a while, my brother and I played together.  
  Brother took the book, come in, sit in a chair, put on a very serious look, said: "Students, we come to paint," said, he took out a piece of paper, I draw, I looked at my brother that cute, he casually drew a few strokes, painting the pig. Brother looked, said: "ah - good!" I am helpless.  
  At noon, I was about to play hide and seek, and brother, my mother call and said let me go to the countryside to Auntie's house. I am reluctant brother because his brother was to return to Shanghai at 2 pm, and also this time to be separated 23 months before I came back. I looked at my brother said: "brother, brother to go to the countryside, and can not, and you played." Brother whispered: "Oh -" I said: "brother, I went to, can not give you." Brother nodded, that was my time I'll want, give me 10 minutes, or even 1 minute line, so my brother and talk for a while, and then play with him for a while, if let gone of time I'll be, I can do anything.  
  Brother, I want to say to you: "brother, I love you, you make me happier."  
  At the time, my brother cried, he cried and said to his mother: "Mom, next time when we came back," Aunt comfort him.  
  Brother! I am bored when you can, like, like a pistachio, so I am happy! Brother! Me and you play it a few days I will not forget. I will it, like tree roots deep headlong into the soil, put it deep deep into my blood, the brain will never forget. And I also looking forward to next time you come back the next time we met, we have new games and fun!
Starting point  
  The road of life there are many stumbling blocks, as we stumble when we have to stand up and greet the next new starting point, not to stay in the old place, have the courage to face difficulties from a new starting point and proceed towards the light ah.  
  Everyone failed in the past, I too, have been tripping over, that is when I just abandon this goal, I see other people who are like that, but they got up. Then I realized, I should be up!  
  Once, I endorse, I back up one hour, not back out, my heart going around, and sick of it, I think: tomorrow, back it, I thought, put the book aside their own to play with my friends outside, and I found a student, I told him to go out to play, he said he would endorse me and so I will be playing on the first home computer, time really fast, 2 hours passed, students came to me when we go play, my heart is sick, work is marred, then I go home after one hour out of my back, my heart more comfortable, I think, things do not give up, even if failed, must start again from the beginning, try again, only one end, but try and start there are numerous, as long as you have any number of times that you will try to end the. Where, we have to try, this knowledge will be more, we will succeed!

  以前,我从不相信生命,甚至厌烦生命, 因为我看到的只是生命的脆弱,与心灵的凄悲,因为我的生命不曾有爱。  
  一次, 再一次,还来一次。他们在不停尝试着背起她。  

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